this unusual petitpoint heart pendant can be yours
Oval vintage petit point compact
Antique petit point perfume bottle,vintage petitpoint lipstick tube holder
rare tapestry petitpoint vanity mirror
Antique Petit Point Pretties for Purse & Parlour!
Lovingly Handcrafted by Heavenly Hands
Long Long Ago - Vintage c1900- late 1940s
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adorable petit point pin brooch jewelry
Antique Petit Point Rose Brooch
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beautiful large vintage petit point compact
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Be certain to click a Petit Point Pretty for a closer look-
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Unusal vintage petit point pin in figural butterfly pin form
enchanting Victorian vanity accessories for your collection
A Petit Point Pretty
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beautiful petitpoint designs from nature and gardens
vintage petitpoint tube lipstick holder mirror
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handmade petite point bracelet bangle
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