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8" tall
10.5" wide
3" deep

14" long leather
strap handle
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Aster florals smile coyly from a soft vintage mauve background while cabbage roses sing their praises in a fanciful garland on Heavenly Muriel . . .

Mauve pink has beckoned to fashionistas since we were in the family nursery. Now that we are purse carrying "grown ups" (smiles), we love the special sophisticated shade of mauve found only in a glorious vintage handbag.
Many of us have been just waiting for a
vintage "purse in pink"...
an uncommon vintage handbag color.

Heavenly Muriel is the purse you dreamed of
as a little girl!
"Heavenly Handbag Muriel!"
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mauve pink vintage petit point handbags are difficult to find
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SUPERSIZE the Asters!
Asters hold
magic symbolism-

in pairs they bring
good fortune!

Heavenly Muriel
brings fabulous
vintage style too!
pink vintage tapestry purse side gusset edge view
What could be prettier than a soft pink satin
fabric interior?

Add a cute pink satin
"pin money" pouch
and Heavenly Handbag
Muriel makes a heart rejoice!
we love pink vintage needlepoint handbags
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