Allow me to introduce "Flame!" my faithful steed valiantly ferrying vintage handbags all over the land for me, the Head Cherub!
Fast, blazing valentine red, hip and HUGE, Flame is magnificent-
   I am besotted-   this is "Love" in the form of Dodge Magnum V8!

XOXO Hugs & Handbags,   Bliss
Head Cherub,  Heavenly Handbags
ps- despite his constant entreaties (or any claims he may make on the web or elsewhere),  Sox is NOT allowed to drive Flame! For a Sockmonkey, Soxie is a fabulous personal assistant but like most Sockmonkeys, he is a horrid driver.
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                            Thanks for visiting us!  XOXO Bliss, Soxie & Flame
                                   Head Cherub, Heavenly Handbags