11" wide
9" tall
3.5" deep

15" long leather handle
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Heavenly Collier!
Heavenly Collier sashays into the season festooned with salmon and coral tone lillies, lavender tulips, wild flowers and stephanotis flourishes!
Antique brass corners and hardware add handsome accents to her lightly textured black leather frame. 
Heavenly Collier is a vintage atistocrat!
Every beautiful bloom springs gaily forth from Collier! She will dance with joy on your arm!
Such fabulous stylish energy!
Heavenly Handbags offers a lovely vintage tapestry purse
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vintage tapestry purse side gusset
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vintage tapestry purse interior
vintage tapestry purse profile
Collier treats us to
a carefree black
faille fabric interior!

Carry her happily
everywhere, anytime!
irresistable flowers on each vintage tapestry purse
irresistable flowers on each vintage tapestry purse
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