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11.5" tall
12" wide
2.5" deep

plus 16.5" long
leather strap handle

Sonoma is LARGE!
She can travel, go to the office, the airport, to market...
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Heavenly Handbag Sonoma!
Heavenly Sonoma's  golden hues extends to her handsome  faille fabric interior-
so accomodatingly large with a zippered pocket
and two open compartments
PLUS a cute matching coin purse too!
Varietal grapes in violet, red, blue and gold offer memories of wine filled evenings, Napa vineyards and Tuscan villas in Heavenly Sonoma's dream filled figural patterns.  Her unique vintage gold background summons thoughts of languid sunny afternoons...
Heavenly Sonoma is truly an enchanting purse!
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this large tapestry bag has lovely flowers
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click here to view the figural details of this large tapestry bag
the grape motif extends to the gusset edge of this large tapestry bag
the golden leather on this large tapestry bag is buttery soft
this is the original coin purse for this large tapestry bag
this large tapestry bag has a golden yellow faille fabric interior
Heavenly Sonoma's
rich vineyard grapes
cavort on her gusset sides and base as well as front and back-
such great fun!