My Adventures Continue...
Blade-Boy Sockster
I've just learned to rollerblade and I'm up and running!
I'm working on my "blade-boy sock monkey" attitude.

I had to learn to rollerblade so that I could look cool
on Ocean Drive for my recent trip to Miami.
Sox as Miami Beach Patrol
Good thing I'm fast on my rollerblades because I was called upon to help the Miami Beach Patrol. My new friend is just thanking me for my timely assistance (but he wouldn't let me drive the official car even in gratitude).
Suntannin' Sox catching the rays on  South Beach in Miami
After a hard day's work, I just hung out on the ocean catching rays. You should see me now,
I'm as brown as a nut (grin).

Uh Oh- I hear Bliss calling me..
   Gotta go sell more antiques!

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Every Sock Monkey loves the Oakland Raiders!