8" tall
          12" wide
  3" deep

Pair of 14" long
black leather handles

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     "Heavenly Handbag Ryan!"
Vintage romance and crisp tailored styling marry to produce Heavenly Ryan! Lillies, rosebuds and English cabbage roses in
intricately fine petit pointe stitches are centered within black needlepoint ground. Double handles complete Ryan's look!

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Isn't this the handsome profile that comes to mind when you think "PURSE?"

This is the ever classic design that first filled us with desire since Grace Kelly decided we needed a firm handbag frame for our valuables!

With briefcase like efficiency, glorious Ryan
happily organizes with 3 generous interior compartments plus a zippered pocket too!
floral vintage kelly bags
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vintage needlepoint kelly bag
petit point vintage kelly handbag
black leather vintage kelly handbag back
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vintage needlepoint kelly handbag interior
Exquisitely beautiful roses
in fine petite point stitches!

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floral vintage kelly bags
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