"Heavenly Handbag Ruth!"

      8.5" tall
      11.5" wide
      4" deep !!!
13" tall (height)
black leather double handles

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Heavenly Handbags offers rare tapestry leather bags
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Gloriously unique and sporting every lovely color in the beautiful universe,
Heavenly Ruth can stylishly serve as a mini briefcase covered in roses on both sides! She will be your favorite purse!
Have you been dreaming of a romantic yet "tailored" Heavenly Handbag?

You've been dreaming of Ruth! She has finally arrived in your life!
Classic black leather sides and a surprise red leather interior to make you giggle ...  
Ruth is pure vintage joy in every way!
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floral vintage tapestry purse
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Tuck your goodies conveniently in either large side compartment or securely within her clutch center... 
tapestry leather handbag briefcase roses
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floral vintage tapestry purse
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