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"Pretty Newell!"
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oval vintage lipstick tube holder
Wedgewood blue and parlour pink primroses ring a Victorian rose bouquet in mauve, sienna, blue and lavender- all within ornate oval brass edging in a sunny bright tone!

A rare accessory of the most glamorous sort!
Stored in a San Francisco vanity and never used!
A Pretty Prize indeed!
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Still proudly sporting her original Schildkraut label after all these years, Pretty Newell beckons your smiling glance into her beautiful bevelled glass mirror!
3" tall
2" wide
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XOXO  Bliss,  Petit Point Pretties Proprietress
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Vintage Petit Point Lipstick Tube Holder with Mirror
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her Petit Point floral charms
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vintage petit point lipstick holder
Glorious Vintage Needlepoint Purses!
A Paradise of Pretty Petit Point Pieces!
Slip your favorite lipstick
into Pretty Newell's tube base-
the ultimate grace note!