Swinging along with Heavenly Laurel in tow is definitely so much fashionable fun!                 
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How is it possible to be both beautiful and handsome at once? 
Lovely Laurel enchants and charms and offers a magnificent needlepoint laurel wreath worthy of any vintage champion!

 And of course, Heavenly Laurel's central wreath of roses are the finest of petit point stitches for irresistable visual contrasts ...
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12" wide 
10" tall
3" deep
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Heavenly Handbag Laurel!
Smooth inky black leather allows for
carefree daily use in all settings! 
Two pockets and a zippered compartment 
add endless convenience too!
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626/ 421-6774
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14" long black leather handle
vintage purse gusset
Dancing florals in blues, pinks, browns, greens and cream flow along Laurel's edges, face and back . . .
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vintage purses leather interior
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Laurel's petit point wreath