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Her black interior in durable moire fabric attests to Justina's willingness to play with you everyday! Four brass buttons allow her to rest soil free next to you in your favorite crowded cafe. A zippered inside pocket and two additional pocket slots add to the fun too!
         10.5" tall
  9" wide at her top      12" wide at her bottom
          3" deep

        15" long
black leather handle
you can charge your vintage tapestry handbag
"Heavenly Handbag Justina!"
Sweet bright pink cabbage roses dancing on a leafy trellis pattern-
PLUS a "look at me" unique bell shape in a slightly larger size! 
Heavenly Justina is a vintage handbag like no other- I LOVE her!
Imagine all of your personal pretties encased within Justina's vintage charms!

Lovely Justina is just a little larger than most vintage handbags!
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floral tapestry purse
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Heavenly Handbags offers beautiful vintage tapestry handbags