11" tall
      11" wide
       2.5" deep

  14" long
   black leather   handle
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romantic vintage needlepoint handbag with cherubs are so romantic
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vintage petit point purse with an angel and cherubs
Heavenly Handbag Aphrodite!
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Magical in every way, Heavenly Aphrodite is the vintage handbag of mythic legend! Aphrodite, the Grecian Goddess of Love is seated on a fluffy cloud playfully counseling Eros or Cupid, her beloved Cherub in the Heavenly Art of romance!

Heavenly Aphrodite expresses more celestial spirit with views of Cupid dancing about wings aflutter on her reverse side! How can one vintage handbag be so heart wrenchingly pretty?
Heavenly Aphrodite will steal your  hopelessly romantic heart!
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       Extremely fine
petite point stitches create      Aphrodite & Cupid
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Vintage brass corners
add to the joy of admiring your
rare and glorious
Heavenly Handbag              Aphrodite!
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vintage needlepoint handbag with cherubs
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Heavenly Handbag Aphrodite!
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vintage petit point purse with an angel and cherubs