12" tall
15" wide
3" deep

16" long coordinating leather handle
Amelia is truly a one of a kind Heavenly Handbag!

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Heavenly Handbag Amelia!
Amelia is big and glorious and she makes a beautiful statement that is pure Shabby Chic!

Fashionistas who embrace the "vintage ethos" will clasp gorgeous Amelia to their hearts!

Amelia is a "purse with a past" and shows gentle signs of her past adventures. If only she could speak
of her afternoon parties and cafe society chats!
Classy dame that she is,
she maintains her charm in every aspect!
Amelia meets the Head Cherub's high standards for a Heavenly Handbag but I wanted to meet your many requests for LARGE carpet bag style handbags!

I was so thrilled to find her that I thought a little "history"in the form of minor smudges is more than compensated by her beauty, quality and SIZE.
You can carry Heavenly Amelia proudly into any situation- night or day!

Here you are-    Amelia is 15" WIDE!   - pure vintage happiness on your arm!

Just think of strolling about with Amelia at your side in her full floral glory- BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL AND VINTAGE TOO!

No pampering needed, Heavenly Amelia wants to go shopping today!
beautiful floral vintage handbag
I love vintage purses!
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floral vintage purses
Vintage purse Amelia's hip profile
vintage purse interior
Her lovely floral green leather insures that amazing Amelia will always be your favorite handbag!
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beautiful vintage handbag
beautiful vintage handbag